Research centres and facilities

South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) scientists work with some of the most advanced facilities and infrastructure in Australia.

Our extensive network of research centres, laboratories and field sites support the innovative work of our dedicated and skilled scientists to:

  • increase the productivity, sustainability and adaptability of South Australia's primary industries
  • create opportunities for market growth
  • address barriers to growth and provide applied solutions.

Metropolitan Centres

Plant Research Centre

Our corporate headquarters are located at the Plant Research Centre on the agri-science precinct at the Waite Campus, South Australia.

The centre provides facilities for advanced research in:

  • crop breeding and evaluation
  • irrigated horticulture
  • sustainable resources management
  • entomology
  • plant pathology and soil health
  • molecular diagnostics
  • water utilisation
  • pasture research
  • associated disciplines.

Waite Campus

The Waite Campus is Australia's leading agricultural research, education and commercialisation cluster.

We share the precinct with other principle research providers including:

  • The University of Adelaide
  • Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Australian Pastures Genebank
  • Australian Grain Technologies
  • Australian Genome Research Facility
  • Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (the Plant Accelerator)
  • Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics
  • Centre of Excellence in Cell Wall Research
  • FOOD Plus Research Centre.

SARDI conducts a range of research and services at the Waite Campus:

  • Field Crop Improvement Centre: conducts field crop development to meet market demands, including:
    • oat breeding
    • crop improvement
    • national variety trials.

Molecular Diagnostic Centre

Crop and horticultural diagnostic services are delivered from SARDI research groups at the Waite Campus.

The range of innovative and impartial diagnostic services include the identification of disease and insect pests.

The national Molecular Diagnostic Centre is located within SARDI’s diagnostics facilities at the Plant Research Centre.

South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre (SAASC)

The South Australian Aquatic Sciences Centre is South Australia's leading centre for research in:

  • marine and inland fisheries
  • aquaculture
  • marine biotechnology
  • environmental and ecosystem ecology.

The aquatic sciences facilities support our goal to conduct research that:

  • enhances the state’s economic growth
  • enables the conservation of natural resources.

Regional centres

As well as being centres for excellence in research and development, our regional sites provide opportunities for:

  • regional employment
  • community development
  • technology and industry development.

Our regional centres include:

Contact us

The contact details and locations of our centres are located on the contact us page.

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