Fishing closures

Below is a list of all:

  • permanent
  • seasonal
  • temporary

fishing closures in South Australian waters.

See the catch limits page for daily bag and boat limits.

All species

Details: Total fishing ban.


  • River Murray within 150m of all locks and weirs.
  • Wirrina Cove. A radius of 0.5 nautical miles centered around this point:
    • latitude 35°28’48.90” south
    • longitude 138°09’34.85” east


Closure time: all year.


All bottom dwelling organisms

Closure time: all year.

Location: All intertidal reefs to a depth of 2 metres. Learn more about intertidal reefs.

Blue Groper

Details: all year

Location: Includes all waters north of a line from Newland Head to Cape Willoughby and north from a line from West Bat to Cape Carnot on the Southern Eyre Peninsula.

Map of closed area for Blue Groper (PDF 632.8 KB)


Closure time: 1 September to 30 November

Location: Onkaparinga River upstream of the Main South Road bridge at Noarlunga.

Cephalopods – Cuttlefish, Squid, and Octopus

Closure time: all year

Location: Spencer Gulf - False Bay

Map of cephalopod closure area (PDF 290.8 KB).

All waters within a line:

  • from the lighthouse at Point Lowly to the southern end of the Point Bonython jetty
  • south-west to the eastern most point of the BHP Jetty
    • latitude 33°02’12.63” s
    • longitude 137°36’1.98”e
  • then following a high water mark at the base of the jetty along the shoreline back to the Point Lowly lighthouse.

Cuttlefish only

Closure time: until 15 February 2018

Location: northern Spencer Gulf.

Closed area is all waters north of a line:

  • starting at the Mean High Water Springs closest to:
    • 33°55’39.942” South
    • 136°34’20.131” East near Arno Bay
  • to the Mean High Water Springs closest to:
    • 33°55’39.942” South
    • 137°37’14.527” East - Wallaroo Jetty.

Download a map of the cuttlefish and cephalopod closure area (PDF 489.6 KB).

King George Whiting

Closure time: 1-31 May

Location: An area of southern Spencer Gulf, southern Gulf St Vincent and Investigator Strait to protect this key spawning area during a critical reproductive period.

King George Whiting spatial closure map (PDF 403.0 KB)

Molluscs (bivalves)

Closure time: all year.

Location: West lakes – all waters.

Mud Cockles

Closure time: until 30 June 2017.

Location: Port River and surrounding waters. The Port River mud cockle fishing zone is closed to both recreational and commercial fishing.

Map of Port River cockle fishing zone closure (JPG 1.4 MB)

Murray Cod

Catch and release only from 1 January to 31 July. It is an offence to lift or remove Murray Cod from the water.

Closure times: seasonal closure between 1 August and 31 December. No trolling from a moving vessel is allowed within these dates, excluding Coorong waters.

Location: River Murray and Lower Lakes.

It is prohibited to target or take Murray Cod from any section of the Chowilla floodplain year-round between:

  • Ral Ral Creek
    • 34°9'46.70" South
    • 140°45'30.38" East
  • border of South Australia and New South Wales
    • 34°1'14.60" South
    • 141°0’9.69" East.

Pipis (Goolwa cockles)

Seasonal closure

Closure time: 1 June to 31 October (inclusive)

Location: No recreational fishing for Pipis is allowed on the Younghusband Peninsula between the Murray Mouth and 28 Mile Crossing.

During open season recreational fishing for pipis is restricted to 2 areas:

  • the Sir Richard Peninsula north of the Murray mouth
  • between 28 Mile Crossing and the Victoria/SA border.

Download map of recreational and commercial Pipi fishing areas (JPG 476.4 KB)


Permanent closure

Closure time: all year.

Location: All South Australian waters less than 10 metres deep.

Seasonal closure

Closure Time: January and February


Closure time: 1 October to end of February inclusive.

Location: area between beacons 8, 9, 13, 19, 20, 21, 23, 28 and the shore of the Spencer Gulf to the West.

Map of the Razorfish closure area (PDF 1.0 MB)

Rock lobster

Permanent closure


Seasonal closures

Northern zone:

Closure time:

  • from 6.00 pm 31 May
  • to 12.00 pm 1 November.

Closure location: West from longitude 139o0’4.80” to the Western Australia border. Area includes Kangaroo Island.
Map of northern zone rock lobster fishing area (JPG 162.2 KB)

Southern zone:

Closure time:

  • from 6.00 pm 31 May
  • to 6.00 am 1 October.

Closure location: East from longitude 139°0’4.80” to the Victorian border.
Map of southern zone rock lobster fishing area (JPG 162.2 KB)


Seasonal closures

Closure time: midday 1 November to midday 15 December statewide.

Snapper spawning spatial closures are also in place midday 15 December to midday 31 January. Commercial and recreational fishers are prohibited from possessing, targeting, and taking snapper in these areas during the spatial closure period.


Snapper spawning areas in:

  • Spencer Gulf
  • Gulf of Saint Vincent.

Snapper spatial closures map (PDF 514.8 KB)

Western Blue Groper

A closure applies at all times in:

  • Spencer Gulf
  • Gulf of St Vincent
  • Investigator Strait
  • Backstairs Passage.
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