Blacklip Abalone
Blacklip Abalone
Greenlip Abalone
Greenlip Abalone

Fishing limits

  • Minimum size measured across its widest point:
    • Greenlip Abalone in the Western zone: 14.5 cm.
    • All species in all other waters: 13 cm.
  • Personal daily bag limit: 5 - the limit is a combined total of both species.
  • Daily boat limit:
    • 5 per day (combined total) if taken by 1 person.
    • 10 per day (combined total) if taken by more than 1 person.

Closed areas

Taking of Abalone is prohibited in all aquatic reserves and intertidal reef areas.

Handling Abalone

The diver must:

  • carry a suitable measuring device
  • measure abalone as soon as it has been removed from the surface it was attached to
  • returned immediately if it is undersized
  • bring the abalone above the high water mark before removing the meat.

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