Molecular diagnostics

The SARDI molecular diagnostics team comprises world leaders in the field.

We have unique expertise and infrastructure to develop and conduct DNA based tests for:

  • the quantification of fungal and nematode pathogens
  • weed seeds
  • beneficial soil microflora
  • plant roots in soil.

Testing includes DNA extraction from environmental samples. This ensures accurate DNA amplification by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays.

Our diagnostic test results include risk ratings.

These risk ratings allow producers to use diagnostic results to inform their management decisions.

We are accredited to receive international samples, provided they have appropriate permits.

PreDicta B

PreDicta B (B = broadacre) is a DNA-based soil testing service.

It identifies which soil-borne pathogens pose a significant risk to broadacre crops prior to seeding.

Certification courses

There are PreDicta B certification courses in November and December 2016. See the course dates.

PreDicta Pt

PreDicta Pt (Pt = potato) is a DNA based soil testing service.

It identifies whether certain soil-borne pathogens pose a significant risk to potato crops prior to planting.

Crop diagnostics

We have a range of other plant health diagnostic services.

More information


Dr Alan McKay
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General enquiries: (08) 8303 9585 or (08) 8303 9668.

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