PREDICTA® B (B = broadacre) is a DNA-based soil testing service that helps grain and pulse producers identify which soil-borne pathogens pose a significant risk to their crops before seeding so steps can be taken to minimise risk of yield loss.

We provide a fast and cost-effective way for growers to:

  • determine the soil and stubble-borne disease risks
  • help inform crop and variety decisions
  • guide management to minimise losses.

Cereal root diseases cost grain growers in excess of $300 million a year in lost production. Much of this can be prevented but the majority of management decisions to minimise yield losses must be made before crops are sown.

Pathogens included in PREDICTA® B testing

PREDICTA® B tests for the presence of multiple pathogens. Click on the links below for a list of tests performed in each region:

Reporting results

PREDICTA® B determines the amount of pathogen DNA present in soil samples. Test results are reported under two sections:

  1. Disease Risk categories: the risk of yield loss associated with a particular level of pathogen DNA has been determined and is displayed using a graphic to indicate a ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’ disease risk.
  2. Population Density: category for ‘tests under evaluation’ as the relationship between yield loss and pathogen level has not been determined. Population density categories enables new tests to be reported to growers faster, as developing disease risk categories can take several years. Results can be used to rank levels of inoculum in different paddocks, monitor changes in inoculum during different phases of the cropping sequence and confirm disease diagnosis.

Test results are sent to the accredited agronomist who will interpret the report and consult to develop a specific management strategy appropriate for the farming system. Results are generally emailed to the accredited agronomist within two weeks of the lab receiving soil samples. During peak periods results for samples received on Monday will be reported Friday. Samples received later than Monday will be reported the following Friday.

Benefits of PREDICTA® B

PREDICTA® B is a world-leading technology that is a proven, fast, and cost-effective way for growers to determine the risks from soil and stubble-borne diseases. This information can be used to inform crop and variety choices, in addition to optimising paddock management to minimise current and future yield losses from soil-borne diseases.

More information about the benefits is available on the GRDC website:

Results mapping

Use the PREDICTA® B map below to search for disease risks in your area. The map show PREDICTA® B sample results mapped to the nearest town. The area of the circle is proportional to the number of samples mapped to the town.

The colour of the circle represents the proportion of samples falling into each category:

  • Below detection (white)
  • Low (green)
  • Medium (orange)
  • High (red).

Tests reported with population density categories are displayed in shades of grey.

To use the map, select the type of test first - either disease risk or population density. You can then select the name of the disease from the second list, and the year you would like to review results.

Pie Size:
  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

  • Below Detection Limit

Accessing PREDICTA® B services

Growers can access PREDICTA® B through a SARDI-accredited agronomist. The use of a trained, local agronomist is vital because the relationship between the level of pathogen DNA in the soil and disease incidence in the field is affected by several factors such as seasonal conditions, soil type, agronomic practices and the crop and variety previously planted. The agronomist will organise sampling, interpret the results and give advice on management options to reduce your risk of yield loss.

PREDICTA® B samples are processed weekly between February to June. Samples are processed less frequently throughout the rest of the year.

Contact Nigel Percy on (08) 8429 2236 or email for accredited consultants near you.

The cost of PREDICTA® B testing is determined by the agronomist delivering the service.

PREDICTA® B agronomist accreditation

SARDI-accredited agronomists are responsible for:

  • supervising sampling
  • interpretation of results
  • providing advice on management options to reduce the risk of yield loss.

Agronomists can become accredited by attending a SARDI run one-day course. Courses are held each year, usually between late October to early December and cost approximately $385 (includes soil sampling tool). At least one course is held in each cropping region and venues are announced in September.

Courses feature presentations from leading researchers who are specialised in the most important soil-borne diseases in each cropping region, a demonstration of the PREDICTA® B soil sampling protocol and practical exercises in interpreting PREDICTA® B results.

On completion, course attendees receive:

  • A soil corer appropriate for your region.
  • The Broadacre Soilborne Disease Manual – this manual contains chapters on all of the pathogens included in PREDICTA® B reports. Each chapter covers crop and plant symptoms, host range, yield loss risk categories, impact of management and season, management options and advice on interpreting test results for each disease.
  • Access to the online version of the resource manual, which is regularly updated.
  • An agronomist ID that enables you to deliver PREDICTA® B services to clients. IDs are associated with each individual person, not company i.e. if you change companies you remain accredited (please update contact details).

To register your interest in attending an accreditation course, please email Russel Burns or Nigel Percy.

Accredited agronomists can login and download the latest Broadacre Soilborne Disease Manual.

Submitting samples for PREDICTA® B testing

PREDICTA® B samples are processed weekly between February to June. Samples are processed less frequently throughout the rest of the year.

We are accredited to receive samples from anywhere in Australia provided they are submitted in the PREDICTA® B soil bags supplied by SARDI.


Following the correct soil sampling protocol is essential for accurate results – the soil nutrition sampling strategy is NOT suitable for collecting PREDICTA® B samples. Incorrect sampling will lead to an underestimation of stubble and crown borne diseases, such as crown rot. Download the sampling protocols below:

Soil samples must be sent to SARDI in PREDICTA® B soil kits, available for free.


To keep up to date with the latest news and courses, please join our PREDICTA® mailing list by providing your contact details to


Obtaining PREDICTA® B soil bags

Southern (south of Dubbo) and western regions:

Russell Burns
Mobile: 0401 122 115

Northern (north of Dubbo) region:

Crown Analytical Services
Phone: 0437 996 678

Sample tracking and misplaced agronomist ID numbers

Nigel Percy
Phone: (08) 8429 2236

Submit samples to

SARDI Molecular Diagnostics Group
Plant Research Centre
2B Hartley Grove
Urrbrae SA 5064

Result interpretation

Alan McKay
Phone: (08) 8429 2216

PREDICTA® is a registered trademark of Bayer Crop Science.

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